Impulse Screen Media (ISM) is a technology company which automates multi-screen campaigns, to deliver coincidence marketing opportunities in real-time.


Our ACR platform captures television feeds in real-time to deliver accurate information on video, image, audio and metadata recognition.


Our ingenious media monitoring technology tracks a multitude of events in real-time to generate competitive insights for brands.


Our platform triggers real-time digital buys with leading DSPs - to generate increased ROI for brands, via multi-screen synergies.

Our Solutions

AD Sync+

Capture TV events and optimize your Digital Advertising in real-time.

AdSync+ is a media intelligence platform designed to enable Agencies and Brands leverage digital media advertising in sync with television events, by triggering real-time digital ad-buys.

Our proprietary technology integrates industry-leading capabilities on video, image, audio and metadata recognition, in real-time, with prominent Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) allowing brands and agencies to buy TV synced ads across display, video, social and mobile; thereby, increasing campaign effectiveness via multi-screen synergies.

AD Sync+ Features

  • TVC SYNC: Activate viewer engagement by screening your digital ad in-sync with your TV commercial on air
  • KEYWORD SYNC: Initiate conversation by triggering digital ad buys when pre-defined Keywords appear on TV
  • TV PROGRAM & SERIES SYNC: Increase reach and efficiency by concurrently serving ads with high-impact TV programs & series
  • COMPETITOR SYNC: Benefit from your competitors’ TV buys by coinciding your digital ad with a competitors’ TV commercial
  • WEATHER SYNC: Deliver digital ads based on current or forecasted weather conditions
2018559 TV Hours Captured
791453 Events Monitored
423690 Campaigns Triggered


Broadcaster-independent real-time TV analytics

Monitor+ is a TV analytics platform that enables efficient server-side technology to generate real-time data of visual, audio, program,and advertising content.


 Our effective media monitoring technology allows you to:

  • Analyze data by keyword, brand, TVC, show or time-band
  • Track brand mentions on TV by the moment
  • Ad verification to measure delivery and effectiveness
  • Monitor competitors’ advertising strategies in real-time