Coincidence Marketing : A Brand Opportunity!

Ever wondered how as a media planner/ buyer, you would ensure that you target consumer actually clicks that link to their favourite holiday destination, sends that SMS to avail more details of the latest car features, or clicks buy on those hot pair of shoes their favourite television host flaunted in the last episode?  Ever worried about the call-to-action process of a user while watching your television advertising. What else could they be doing in the comfort of their couch while watching Television?

There is no denying that television still has unparalleled reach and is the most preferred medium to create strong brand affinity and credibility. No wonder then that almost 40% of advertising budgets are dedicated to this medium; yet, television ads lack the option for the consumer to act or respond to the message, in real-time. The latest Multi-screen report by OZTAM shows that 76 % of online Australians multi-screen, with 33% of them now accessing content on two or more devices (Triple Screening) while watching TV, i.e., while your target consumer is ‘watching’ your television ad, they are also checking emails on their tablet AND browsing Facebook on their phone to see their friends’ latest updates!

Multi-Screen usage in Australia



If an average Australian home has 6.4 devices , how can you ensure that while your busy consumer has a multitude of advertising content in front of them, they actually register your message and action it? Is there a way you can truly re-inforce your message in their minds by catching them at the most opportune moment – an opening for them to see that message again while it’s still fresh in their minds?

Average number of devices per home in Australia   




Enter – COINCIDENCE MARKETING – the latest buzz word in multi-screen marketing. Coincidence as defined by the Cambridge Dictionary is ‘an occasion when two or more similar things happen at the same time, especially in a way that is unlikely and surprising’. What this translates to in marketing terms is creating a remarkable concurrence of advertising communication, without apparent causal connection, but while the message is still fresh. Coincidence marketing opportunities are a way to bridge the gap between these diverse media, by allowing a brand mention/ action/ event or sentiment on TV to trigger online advertising using real-time television data.

TV advertising has time and again proven to be a brand marketer’s answer to generate trust and enable recall by relevant associations. Yet, one aspect marketers still grapple with is the uncertainty surrounding response or ‘call-to-action’ while advertising on TV. Lack of engagement and immediacy is what makes digital the go-to answer for consumer-action driven campaigns. Coincidence marketing in a lot of ways makes this interaction between the television and digital realm more efficient and coordinated. Brands utilizing the moments of coincidence are able to target the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Impulse Screen Media (ISM) delivers coincidence marketing opportunities for brands, to boost their multi-screen media effectiveness. ISM’S AdSync+ is a media intelligence platform designed to enable Agencies and Brands leverage digital media advertising in sync with television events, by triggering real-time digital ad-buys.

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