AdSync+ offers multi-screen advertising communication opportunities, to create a seamless brand experience across TV and digital media. AdSync+ enables brands and agencies to amplify reach and engagement by serving digital ads in synergy with live TV events.

Our proprietary technology integrates industry-leading capabilities on video, image, audio and metadata recognition, in real-time, with prominent Demand Side Platforms (DSPs). This allows brands and agencies to buy TV synced ads across display, video, social and mobile; thereby, increasing campaign effectiveness via multi-screen synergies.Activate campaigns based on real-time TV events, keywords, TV Programs and series, competitor TVCs, weather and much more.

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AdSync+ : Connect with your audience across various digital platforms

AdSync+ allows brands to integrate campaign engagement across media; TV ad triggers are used to invite response/ action on the digital medium. Even after the completion of the TV event or TVC, customers continue to interact with the brand via digital ads – AdSync+ creates this interaction in real-time, while customer recall and intent to engage is highest.

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1. Amplify Ad Efficacy
By making your ads resonate with the audience across screens
2. Secure your Ad
Against attention dilution from multimedia viewing
3. Capitalize on TV halo effect
By harnessing TV viewer Top of Mind concurrently on digital media.