Take Your Marketing Campaign to the Next Level with Second Screen or Multi Screen Advertising

We live in the age of multitasking. Thanks to the rise of the Internet and ever-growing prominence of smartphones and tablets, multitasking is always an option. It’s also an attractive one. By switching back and forth between a computer more.

Improve the Effectiveness of Your Digital Advertising with Cross Device Marketing and Cross Screening Targeting

According to a 2016 study from Digital Australia, the average Australian spends 10 hours and 24 minutes using Internet-connected devices every single day. Between desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets and other digital devices, most more.

Measuring Your TV Advertising and Metrics Effectiveness

Every company is interested in measuring television advertising effectiveness. After all, if you spend thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars on an advertising campaign, you want to if it’s creating a demand for your product or more.

How to Use Moment Marketing

The idea behind moment marketing is straightforward. You want to be able to use the right message at precisely the right moment. Moment marketing can seem to happen out of thin air. Sometimes that’s true. When a spontaneous event happens more.

From TV to Internet and Display to Video, Impulse Screen Media Provides Multi Channel Advertising, and Multi Platform Marketing

Multi channel advertising is important for any brand, regardless of industry. A combination of online ads, television advertising, print advertising and other marketing strategies (such as billboards) helps you reach a wider audience and more.

How to Implement Advanced, Connected and Programmatic TV Advertising for Your Brand

Have you ever wondered about how your TV advertising is impacting your digital presence? You probably think about it all the time, which is why you have a marketing staff to track the effectiveness of your various ads. However, while you more.

How Sync Advertising and Impulse Screen Media's Ad Sync Service Creates Opportunities for Growth

Over the past ten years, the media consumption landscape has undergone a dramatic shift. TV is still a titan in terms of how we access and consume our favourite content and as a hub for major events. Even so, today it is also joined more.

How TV Advertisement Analytics Provide Advertising Data that Can Help You Make a More Effective Ad

When you have a brand to promote, it becomes vital to connect effectively with your audience. You don’t want just to inundate them with repetitions of your name and slogan. You want to prove to them that you have your finger on the pulse of more.

How to Measure TV Advertising Effectiveness

Companies are always eager to know about their TV advertising effectiveness. Television is still the most expensive way to advertise and can sometimes be one of the hardest media to measure how effective it is. A good commercial may have a more.

Use TV Advertising Statistics to Improve and Performance

In the 21st century, it is important for advertisers to be able to sync their branding messages across a variety of media platforms. Advertising budgets aren’t always as large as companies would like, so it’s important to know how to maximise more.

Television Analytics: How a TV Analyser Can Increase Your Ad Effectiveness with Their Analysis

Advertising without analytics is like driving in the dark without headlights. You need headlights to see the road in front of you so that you don’t veer off course. Likewise, you need analytics to see where you need to go next regarding more.

Optimise Your Ad Campaigns with a Robust TV Attribution Model from Impulse Screen Media

The average business in the modern world must contend with a truly staggering amount of information every day. Some of that data concerns the current and future operations of the business, while other portions relate to your efforts to more.

Use a TV Ad Campaign Tracking Tool to Boost Your Marketing ROI

Advertising is vital for growing any business, whether your customers are individual consumers or other businesses. Simply put, you must make sure that your message is reaching the people who you want to turn into buyers. However, you also more.

Get More from Your TV, Media Data Analytics

Every company wants to make sure they maximise their advertising dollars. It used to be that ad departments only had to worry about television, print, and perhaps some radio. It was almost impossible, however, to know how ad campaigns more.

Improve Your Company’s TV ROI

Return on investment. Three of the most important words for any company, business, or organisation. Your company’s ROI, more often than not, mirrors how effectively you’re using your advertising budget. If you use that budget wisely more.

The Features and Benefits of Impulse Screen Media’s TV Ad Sync Advertising

In the old days, when a consumer went to turn on their TV or use their computer, they were giving that device their full attention. Today, though, the way consumers interact with technology has changed. Many users don’t give their full focus to one more.