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Summer sport-synced online advertising

Are you on track?

If you’re focussed on maximising your advertising dollar, you’ve probably already joined the TV-synced online advertising revolution. And if you haven’t, you’re missing out. The Halo Effect – the significant boost in the overall ROI of digital ads that are precisely synced with TV ads, programs and events – is beginning to dominate the digital advertising landscape.

Weather-synced digital advertising

Are you exploiting your market's climate driven behaviour?

By now you’ll almost certainly be aware of the ‘Halo Effect’ that occurs when the impact of high cost TV events is magnified with low cost digital advertising. The carefully targeted synchronisation of TVCs, programs, series and sporting events with internet ads is rapidly becoming vital to maximising your advertising dollar.

TV-synced internet advertising – are you on trend?

If you’re already riding the wave of the TV-synced internet advertising revolution, you’re in good company. Expanding the impact of high cost TVCs with low cost multi-screen digital campaigns has grown exponentially in the past couple of years - with good reason. The ‘Halo Effect’ – the carefully targeted synchronisation of TV ads, programs series, sporting events etc (even the weather) with digital advertising is fast becoming vital to maximising your advertising dollar.