The TV-synced digital advertising revolution

The TV-synced digital advertising revolution

The 4 Golden Rules of Cross-Screen Advertising

Media consumption as we know it today, is multi-faceted, with consumers constantly connected via multiple devices. These multi-screen consumers stack content, i.e., they simultaneously view unrelated content on digital devices and TV; or they mesh content, i.e., the content on their digital devices often complements that on TV.

5 Takeaways from the 2016 Rio Olympics using TV Analytics

Australia is a sports-loving nation, and we play to win! While our athletes raked in gold, silver and bronze medals at The Rio Olympics; we cheered from home, all the way to the podium. The nation’s athletic persona was demonstrated by the 17.5 million audience reach garnered for the Rio broadcast, confirming viewership even at the oddest hours.

TV SYNC: Make your Ad Dollars work overtime at the RIGHT TIME

Multi-screen consumer viewing habits are the present and definitely the future; brands who miss this opportunity are losing out on their advertising dollars! The latest OzTam Report (Q1 2016 Australian Multi-Screen Report) has highlighted the growing trend, with an average of 6.4 screens/devices per Australian home, and 76% of Australians consuming TV and the internet simultaneously. The verdict is in: consumers have shifted to a multi-screen life, interacting with numerous devices concurrently. This shift in media consumption presents a challenge and an opportunity for marketers. While fragmented media use makes the user attention span shorter, it also presents an opportunity for brands to increase recall by influencing consumers synchronously across multiple media outlets.
TV advertising still holds its mojo:
‘TV advertising has lost its effectiveness’ is an ongoing chatter echoing within the ad industry, due to an expanding low cost-high reach digital medium. However, the numbers show otherwise – with close to 40% of global ad budgets dedicated to TV, it still remains the most sought after medium, especially for maximizing reach and brand building.