How to set up a Media Plan for Second Screen Success

Posted by Rebecca Knight on Jun 7, 2018 2:55:23 PM

Second screens improve TV ad effectiveness

A recent UK study by media agency MediaCom and technology company ViewersLogic of 1,877 people across age groups, gender and TV channels found that viewers are much more likely to follow up on a TV ad when using their mobile device at the same time.

Second screening was found to improve the viewer’s chances of following up on an advert by 75 per cent, thereby significantly improving the effectiveness of the ad. This finding supports the view that multi-screening adds to a viewer’s experience of TV and television advertising, rather than being a distraction. It makes it easier for people to visit a website or app from a brand that they’ve just seen on TV.

Second screening makes ads more effective particularly for women, of which the study found were more receptive and responsive to ads whilst using another device, with 59 per cent of active responses occurring whilst second screening, compared to 51 per cent of men. In addition 40-54 year olds were most responsive and 55 plus age group least responsive.

Leverage brand awareness and exposure

Also interesting was that viewers that watched TV ads whilst second screening were found to be more “brand aware”.

Channel hopping (switching TV channels) was also 10 per cent lower for those that used mobile phones whilst watching TV. Second screening thus makes viewers less likely to avoid TV ads.

The following are some tips to set up a media plan for second screen success:

  • Media plans should actively take into account the second screening effect in order to improve efficiency.
  • Actively look for shows where the audience is most likely to be second screening and plan a TV Sync campaign to coincide.
  • Eliciting a response is most likely to be more effective when targeting women and the 40-54 year age group.
  • Younger viewers (18-35) channel hop more when they second screen whilst with other age groups the percent is lower (10 per cent) when engaged with a mobile phone.
  • Second screening makes TV ads more effective – incorporating an Ad Sync campaign will enhance a viewer’s responsiveness.

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