How to Optimise Digital Advertising using the Influence of TV

Posted by Rebecca Knight on Apr 10, 2018 9:17:08 AM

Leveraging Multi-channel is key 

The latest March figures from the Australian Video Viewing Report from Regional TAM, OzTAM and Nielsen show a stronger case for why marketers need to balance their digital advertising spend with multi-channel activation and traditional media, including TV.

The report showed that Multi-screen and cross-platform activity has resulted in the spreading of video content viewing habits as the average number of devices in Australian homes increases to 6.6.

Whilst video viewing in the home across multiple devices such as internet-capable TVs, tablets, smartphones, and high definition (HD) TV sets has impacted the amount of time people spend watching ‘traditional’ TV, the report found that broadcast TV watched on in-house TV sets still accounts for most video viewing.

The popularity of watching broadcast TV remains for Australians across age groups, with 18-24 year olds, the highest engagers of video content online, continuing to watch close to two thirds (63.1%) of broadcast TV weekly in the latest quarter as well as 22 hours per month of video viewing on desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet devices.

Harnessing the Influence of TV and the Halo Effect

What this means for brands is that TV advertising remains a powerful channel for its broad reach and huge capabilities of maximising brand recognition.

Furthermore, according to analysts like Accenture, at least 20 per cent of all digital activity is initiated after influence from television.

Accenture’s research on the “Halo effect” found multiplatform TV advertising should get the credit for 18 per cent of the ROI attributed to search and social.

To amplify your brand and optimise advertising campaign effectiveness harnessing the influence of TV:   

  • Sync your TVC campaign with a digital campaign to capture the attention of consumers looking to their smartphones during the ad breaks.
  • Consider multi-channel activation in your marketing budget and how to leverage the reach and access of traditional media to ensure better return on investment.

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