Sport-synced online advertising

Posted by Sabarish Chirakkal on Nov 7, 2017 4:31:46 PM

Are you on track?

If you’re focussed on maximising your advertising dollar, you’ve probably already joined the TV-synced online advertising revolution. And if you haven’t, you’re missing out. The Halo Effect – the significant boost in the overall ROI of digital ads that are precisely synced with TV ads, programs and events – is beginning to dominate the digital advertising landscape.

And speaking of powerful, TV-synced digital campaigns, are you taking full advantage of the major televised sporting events that are just around the corner?

As usual we sport mad Aussies will be glued to our screens – both TV and our smartphones and tablets, concurrently. And with r research by IAB revealing that a whopping 95% of viewers use another screen while watching TV, the looming sporting season presents huge coincidence marketing opportunities.

Rapidly approaching, high rating sports events include:

  • French Open Tennis (27th  May - 10th  June 2018) 
  • Holden State of Origin (6th June,  24th  June  & 11th  July 2018)
  • FIFA World Cup - Russia (15th  June - 16th  July 2018)
  • Wimbledon (2nd  - 15th  July 2018)
  • British Open Golf (19th - 22nd July 2018)
  • Bledisloe Cup (August 2018)
  • Summer Youth Olympics - Buenos Aries 6th - 18th October 2018)
  • AFL Grand Final (29th September 2018)
  • NRL Grand Final (30th September 2018)
  • Melbourne Cup (6th November 2018)


Plenty of scope there for multi-channel marketing just about any brand message. What about yours?

How does sport syncing work?

It goes without saying that your brand doesn’t have to be an official sponsor of an event to get a sizeable share of multi screen conversions. Though official sponsors may like to secure the inventory on the second screen to protect their sponsorship investment and aquire cross channel exclusivity. With Impulse Screen Media (ISM) technology you can sync with any sports match on TV, and own the moment, cross device. Your brand can engagingly and cost-effectively deliver content in real time, right across search, social, video and display platforms.

Our flexible Sports Sync integrations can be deployed in a variety of ways. You can:

  • Sync with games throughout events such as the FIFA World Cup tournament, increasing the delivery of your digital ads in the match ad breaks.
  • Sync with specific sports related keywords in the lead up to tournaments and sporting events.
  • Run contextualised messages, depending on the scores or specific moments in games and events, with Facebook banner advertising.
  • Deliver digital creative connecting with each electrifying stage of a match. For example, during the FIFA World cup you can connect digital creative with goals, half time, extra time or the final match results.
  • Use Sport Sync in a competitor conquesting capacity. If your competitors are sponsoring specific sporting events, you can sync your digital advertising with opposition keywords and TVCs.


Some winning examples?

ISM has scored major triumphs for our clients with Sports Sync. During last year’s Australian Tennis Open, for example, one of our TV-synced SEM campaigns achieved a 26% reduction in CPC. Plus a 130% increase in CTRs.

The RIO Olympics was another case in point. Major sponsors received a high frequency of TV mentions throughout the games. ISM was able to identify these peaks in brand mentions, and leverage said moments highly effectively on a second screen.

How can we help you?

Already wondering how your brand can cash in on the upcoming sporting bonanza? There are almost certainly several great options open to you. So contact our ISM experts at today for a chat about your opportunities for blitzing the sport-synced digital ad game or speak to your reps at Channel Seven or Channel 9 about tailored multiscreen packages.

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