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Posted by Carla Zipper on Jan 1, 2018 5:31:39 PM
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Are you listening?

If you’re an advanced user of the ISM platform your probably already reaping the benefits of the huge amount of data we have stored from listening and recording absolutely everything that is happening on TV.  In addition to our catalogue of over 18,500 TVC’s, which gives you minute by minute data on exactly what time of day TVC’s are aired, within what show titles, in what region and on what channel, we can also tell you exactly what keywords have been trending. This includes brand mentions. The look back ranges from 5 minutes to 90 days.

Latest updates in TV keyword search

Our Keyword search tool provides easy access to a large range of data, and invaluable insights in to TV activity across the broadcast. The latest version of the tool, released last week, helps to break down the data more effectively by separating mentions (names, places, people etc) and keywords (generic things). This becomes useful when looking for insights into brands that have generic names like Apple, by selecting a brand “Mention” – the platform will only display results when a keyword is used as a Product, Brand, Person, Place or Company. So if  “Apple” is selected it will only show results for when Apple is used in the context of the company name rather than the fruit - “Apple stock price” not “I ate an apple”.

How can I best utilise this Data?

A common question we are often asking ourselves these days. Here are some ideas;

  • Find out what topics are currently trending on TV.
  • Find out what brands are mentioned the most on TV.
  • Discover what TV channels are mentioning a particular keyword the most?
  • Find out what region a brand or a competitor’s brand is being mentioned?
  • Gain Insights on competitor TV activity
  • Look at how many mentions a keyword has over a period of time to plan you TV Sync campaigns.

Plan effective TV Sync campaigns by grasping what brands, TV advertising and topics are currently active or trending in the broadcast.


 How does keyword syncing work?

These days media strategists need to work hard to cut through the noise and achieve that all important goal of delivering the right message at the right time.  With Impulse Screen Media's (ISM) platform you can sync your digital campaigns with any keyword on TV, and own the moment, cross device. Your brand can engagingly and cost-effectively deliver content in real time, right across search, social, video and display platforms.

Our Keyword Sync campaign feature can be deployed in a variety of ways. You can:

  • Sync with your own brand mention maximise your TV editorial content delivering digital ads in sync with TV mentions
  • Sync with specific related keywords – promoting Tourism to Timbuktu? Select relevant keywords on TV to activate your digital campaigns and capitalise on the halo effect.
  • Run contextualised advertising, syncing with specific topics that are mentioned on TV or around specific seasonal sports events or public holidays.
  • Use Keyword Sync for competitor conquesting - measure how often competitors are mentioned, and sync your digital advertising against their brand keywords in addition to their TVCs.

Some winning examples?

ISM has driven some fantastic results for our clients with Keyword Sync. In the lead up to last Australia Day a food based FMCG brand used Keyword Sync to synchronise their digital advertising with barbeque related keywords resulting in higher than average CTRs and an increase in brand awareness.

Political campaigns are another case in point. Opposing parties can keep a close eye on whats trending, and use  the intelligence to capitalise on negative TV mentions throughout election campaigns. ISM is able to identify  peaks in mentions, and leverage these moments highly effectively by triggering digital campaigns on a second screen.

How can we help you?

Contact one of  our ISM experts at today for a chat about the wide range of opportunities mentioned above.  

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