The TV-synced digital advertising revolution

Posted by Carla Zipper on Aug 10, 2017, 8:00:00 AM
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The TV-synced digital advertising revolution

Are you kicking goals?’  

In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a new kid on the digital ad block. TV-synched digital advertising - the real time amplification of TVCs and events with synchronised online advertising - is growing exponentially. And it’s not hard to see why. Expanding the impact of a high cost TV ad or event with a targeted, low cost multi-screen campaign is becoming key to maximising your advertising dollar.

Multi-channel marketing – the facts are in

According to research from Accenture*, consumer engagement with multi-platform TV has a 30% ‘Halo Effect’ on digital advertising. For example, 66% of smartphone owners say they search their phones to find out more about something they saw in a TV commercial. Plus 18% of the ROI attributed to search, display and short-form video advertising should actually be credited to TV.

 By the way, don’t believe industry talk about TV advertising losing its mojo in favour of digital marketing. With nearly 40% of global ad budgets spent on television, TVCs are still king, particularly when it comes to brand building and reach.  And we’re not simply talking ads. Sporting events, concerts, programs, series and even weather conditions trigger huge amounts of audience engagement with small screens.

Overall, a whopping 95% of viewers use another screen when watching TV.Coincidence marketing is getting bigger by the day, so why as an advertiser wouldn’t you be taking full advantage of this extraordinarily dynamic platform?

multi screen

Here are some more interesting facts courtesy of Facebook*:

  • Across Asia-Pacific, consumers spend over 3 hours a day on their mobile phones
  • When Facebook marketing is strategically synchronised with TV ads, there’s a 19% lift in memorability of the product
  • Viewers only take 0.25 seconds to recall mobile feed content at a statistically significant rate
  • Audiences are more immersed and engaged with videos on their mobiles than they are with TV

Most importantly, a major study spanning 3,200 campaigns, totalling $375 billion ad spend has revealed that boosting TV ads with digital lifted ROI by 60%. This compared with a mere 19% for TV plus print, and 20% for TV plus radio.

Seamlessly synchronise TV and digital campaigns

Whether you’re using TV, digital or both for your campaign, you’ll find your multi-screen    advertising opportunities are almost infinite. For example, you can:

  • Activate digital campaigns in-sync with your TV commercial on air
  • Exploit your competitors’ TV buys, driving resulting search traffic to your website
  • Serve digital advertising with relevant high-impact TV programs and series
  • Start digital conversations by triggering search ads when pre-determined keywords appear on TV
  • Trigger digital advertising campaigns in-sync with the weather conditions
  • Deliver digital ads based on 1st party data in real time
  • Get real time marketing analytics of every event on television

 So, how does the tech work?

Impulse Screen Media’s unique AdSync+ integrates cutting-edge capabilities in image, video, audio and metadata recognition, in real time, with advanced demand side platforms (DSPs). In other words, a TV ad will trigger an invitation to respond or take action on your chosen digital medium.


And even after the TV event or ad, your audience will continue to interact with your brand via digital ads. The beauty of AdSync+ is, of course its ability to create interaction in real time, during viewer TOM. But research has shown that audiences will continue to recall and digitally engage with the brand or product for up to 72 hours after viewing a TVC.

How about a niche example?

OK, so we Aussies love our sport. Here’s how ISM’s Sport Sync sync can link your online campaign with a sporting event, and deliver your brand (official sponsor or non official) to fans. Sports Sync can:

  • Align your digital advertising during game ad breaks, or when brand ads or brand’s competitors’ ads appear
  • Target the moment by setting up dynamic creative campaigns triggered by the score board
  • Connect with each highlight moment by targeting goals, game stage or final match result
  • Set up a dynamic creative to display contextualised messages depending on scores or specific in-game moments
  • Measure, monitor, engage and analyse the ongoing success of your campaign, in real time

sports sync

Seize your digital advertising opportunities

‘Moment’, ‘coincidence’, ‘real time marketing’ - call it what you will. Flexible, engaging, cost-effective and pretty much indispensable, multi-screen advertising is the way forward.

Are you on track?  


*Accenture ‘Cross Channel Advertising Attribution’ report. Nielsen’s ‘Digital Consumer Report’, Google Consumer Surveys, U.S., May 2015.



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