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Posted by Carla Zipper on Oct 11, 2017 3:35:09 PM
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Are you exploiting your market's climate driven behaviour?

By now you’ll almost certainly be aware of the ‘Halo Effect’ that occurs when the impact of high cost TV events is magnified with low cost digital advertising. The carefully targeted synchronisation of TVCs, programs, series and sporting events with internet ads is rapidly becoming vital to maximising your advertising dollar.

But let’s not forget that other powerful trigger in your coincidence marketing arsenal – the weather.

A 2017 study by Facebook revealed that across the Asia-Pacific, consumers spend over 3 hours a day on their mobile phones. And Ebiquity’s recent important Payback Study  confirmed search’s crucial role in overall media channel efficiency, coming in second only to TV. So with the weather affecting all of our daily schedules and behaviours, the logic of integrating climactic conditions with pertinent SEM campaigns is undeniable.   

Rain or shine can make huge differences

If you’re in the pharmaceutical industry, chances are you’re already be a big adopter of weather-synced digital video and display advertising. Changes in weather and pollen counts drive huge spikes in the sales of seasonally sensitive medications, especially those targeting hay fever, colds and flu.

But there are many other sectors in which you can take full advantage of changes in the barometer. For example, based on their external research fast food delivery services cry out for weather-synchronised digital campaigns. An obvious illustration of this is the targeting of rainy conditions because of the increased demand for home delivered meals.

How is your industry, company or client affected by the weather?

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Flexible, dynamic, precision integrated

When you partner with Impulse Screen Media (ISM) for weather synced digital ad campaigns you can target precise weather regions, right across Australia and New Zealand. You can also pinpoint:

  • Changes in weather temperature. Choose a temperature range – between 20 and 30C° for example and your digital advertising will trigger (on and off) when the thermometer falls in this range.
  • Weather conditions. ISM pretty much covers them all, including:
    • Sunny
    • Cloudy
    • Windy
    • Raining
    • Hailing
    • Snowing
    • Thunderstorm
    • Foggy
  • UV index. You can trigger your campaign based on a specific UV index range – vital for the burgeoning sunscreen industry.
  • Pollen count. Pharmaceutical brands take note. Particularly with the arrival of spring and hay fever. As from this month ISM can build a custom pollen data integration for you with one of three campaign trigger options – high, medium or low pollen counts.

Pharmaceuticals, incidentally, showed one of the biggest CTR success spikes for ISMs’ 2016 -17 integration campaigns.

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 Innovative technologies, performance driven campaigns

ISMs’ cutting edge capabilities provides you with precise weather data recognition, in real-time, with advanced DSPs to give you the perfect digital response. In other words, we’re able to create targeted interaction in real time, during consumers’ TOM experience of changing weather. But research has shown that audiences will continue to recall and digitally engage with your brand long after their initial interaction.

It goes without saying that the effects of weather are universal to nearly every human on the planet. So whether it’s with video or display ads - on Google, Facebook or YouTube - if your business is weather-influenced and you’re not syncing the changes with a targeted SEM campaign, you’re missing out. It’s as simple as that.

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