Take Your Marketing Campaign to the Next Level with Second Screen or Multi Screen Advertising

R.I.P. undivided attention.

We live in the age of multitasking. Thanks to the rise of the Internet and ever-growing prominence of smartphones and tablets, multitasking is always an option. It’s also an attractive one. By switching back and forth between a computer and a smartphone, anyone can monitor their social media while working. Similarly, while watching TV, someone can easily be using their tablet to check email or doing some work on their laptop.

In this multitasked, multi screen world, it only makes sense for brands to start investing in multi screen advertising.

What Is Multi Screen Marketing?

Many people assume that multi screen marketing is little more than finding ways to advertise across all devices. How can you get your advertisements on TV, online and into mobile channels, so that you are covering all your bases?

At Impulse Screen Media, though, we see multi screen advertising as something more closely connected to multitasking. Simply having advertising strategies that are targeting TV viewers, computer users and mobile device users—all separately—isn’t enough. To reach the multitasking generation, it’s essential to serve those ads simultaneously or concurrently. Hitting multiple channels isn’t the key to multi screen marketing; hitting multiple channels at the exact right time is the key to multi screen marketing.

That’s our goal at Impulse Screen Media, with our AdSync service. We like to call our strategy second screen advertising because we are trying to reach multitaskers.

How the AdSync Second Screen Advertising Strategy Works

Our philosophy is that television advertising today still matters. However, just because people are still sitting down to watch TV doesn’t mean they are turning off their other devices or leaving them in the next room. Usually, there is a smartphone within arm’s reach.

There may even be a laptop on the coffee table. Some viewers have their devices on or open while they are watching their preferred TV programming. They are multitasking, checking social media, responding to emails or browsing the web while their show plays. Others give the TV their full attention until commercial breaks, at which point they grab their devices.

Because of these habits, advertisers can never expect their television commercials to receive undivided audience attention. Therein lies the value of second screen advertising. Impulse Screen Media’s AdSync technology can sync online digital ad buys with TV events. If your commercial pops up on the TV, we can make it so complementary ads are showing up on display networks, videos, social media and mobile at the same time. Other TV events—such as competitor ads or brand-relevant keywords—can be triggers as well.

This multi screen advertising approach gives you a better chance of grabbing the split attention of your target consumer. Someone who is surfing the web on their phone while your TV ad might register what the ad is about, but probably won’t engage with it. However, if you can serve an ad to that person’s phone within a few minutes of the TV ad, you increase the chances that they are going to pay attention.

Undivided attention is gone and isn’t coming back. However, with second screen advertising, your business can do just fine without it.